FAQ of a Seattle Home Inspector

Many people are as familiar (or less) with the home-inspection process as they are with the home-buying process.¬†We know theres a lot to know and we’re here to help. Here are some of the questions and comments we field on a daily basis.

“So how long after we give the seller the report can we expect them to have everything fixed?”

A: You and your agent are more than welcome to make the decision to ask for everything on the list. However, you should know: They’re not obligated in any way to fix anything on the report. I have never heard of any conditions that are required to be corrected prior to the sale of a home.

“Buyers should only attend the end of the inspection”

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New way to book inspections online

Introducing our newest way to book inspections at home or on the go!

From any web browser simply type bookinspection.today to be forwarded directly to our booking page.