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Abode Analysis | Tips and Updates

Happy House Hunting

Seattle’s housing market is, in one word: fierce. So here’s Barlow, an Airedale Terrier, just looking to give you a smile along the way. Cheers!


Don’tcha wanna WWASHI?

We’re in day two of the Western Washington American Society of Home Inspectors conferences in Shoreline, WA and we’re learning lots! Todays highlight include a couple of hours on each of the following topics:
Water Heaters – Storage Tanks to Tankless systems
Gas Distribution Systems
and Composition and Metal Roof Coverings Inspection
Are you as excited as we are!?
“No!”, you say?
Can’t say I blame you, but I’m sure you’re glad your favorite home inspection team is working hard to ensure we deliver the most correct and up-to-date information to our clients.

ASHIWW Andrew Grimm Home Inspection Seattle Tacoma Everett abode analysis home inspection

Western Washington ASHI Conference

We take learning seriously here at Abode Analysis. That’s why both today and tomorrow we’ll be at the Western Washington American Society of Home Inspectors conferences in Shoreline, WA. Rule, codes and standards of practice are constantly changing. We make sure the information we provide is as up too date as possible.

ASHIWW Andrew Grimm Home Inspection Seattle Tacoma Everett abode analysis home inspection

The correct place to dump your sump

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Home inspections PSA: On an inspection today we noticed a sump pump dumping ground water into a sewage system. Remember folks, if we all did this we would over-run the sewage treatment centers. Your Sump’s should be drained into your storm drainage system or day-lighted away from your home and down a grade. -Your friendly, local home inspection team.

Fix it! Quick! Before it’s too late!

Here’s to hoping your rubber wash machine hoses don’t burst in the time between reading this article and getting them replaced. On inspections we frequently make this call out …and for good reason. If you’re like most people: you know someones who’s wasHall of Shame Abode Analysis Seattle Home Inspectionh machine hoses have burst and flooded a portion of their home. When taking the cost of a home into account, why do we skimp here so frequently?

I recently inspected a home for a client who had an inspector tell her to upgrade to metal braided hoses. Unfortunately she didn’t take his advice. Flash-forward 5 years – I gave her the same advice. She shared her story of learning “the hard way” the devastating effect of a hose burst while she was at work. She insisted she would not be making that mistake again. 

For a difference of approximately $10 you can nearly eliminate the chance of your hoses bursting. Rubber hoses are rated to about 700psi or so, where as metal braided hoses are commonly rated to 1500psi or greater. In addition, many metal braided hoses come with a 90° angle on one end to relieve the highest pressure area and allow you to push your wash machine closer to the wall. Many metal braided hoses come with a lifetime warranty vs rubber hoses which commonly offer a 1 year warranty. When you’re looking to purchase your next home ask yourself “is it worth the extra few bucks?” – yes, my friend, yes it is.

FAQ of a Seattle Home Inspector

Many people are as familiar (or less) with the home-inspection process as they are with the home-buying process. We know theres a lot to know and we’re here to help. Here are some of the questions and comments we field on a daily basis.

“So how long after we give the seller the report can we expect them to have everything fixed?”

A: You and your agent are more than welcome to make the decision to ask for everything on the list. However, you should know: They’re not obligated in any way to fix anything on the report. I have never heard of any conditions that are required to be corrected prior to the sale of a home.

“Buyers should only attend the end of the inspection”

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New way to book inspections online

Introducing our newest way to book inspections at home or on the go!

From any web browser simply type to be forwarded directly to our booking page.


Seattle real estate. Is it worth it?


It’s not headline news to anyone who’s purchased/prospected property in Seattle or the surrounding area recently that it’s a highly competitive climate. We routinely have clients who use our services a couple, a few or a handful of times over the course of weeks or months. Just when I being to scratch my beard and wonder “how do people deal with stresses of real estate in Seattle?” I’m immediately reminded why it’s so very worth it. Seattle is beautiful, it’s vibrant, full of good natured people, and is a growing metropolis. It’s a tough, competitive market out there …and it’s completely worth it. Cheers to all your good-fortunes as your navigate the real estate market. Let us know if we can provide an inspection. In the meantime, enjoy the photography from Lincoln Park, West Seattle.


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