1 Year Warranty Inspections

abode analysis seattle home inspections andrew grimm 4252987382 Warranty inspections are conducted before the builders warranty expires. Most commonly, builders who offer a warranty, set them to expire within one year after closing. Many times the one year warranty marks the final opportunity to detect, document and inform your builder of items that are in need of repair or replacement.  Any safety hazards, repairs and adjustments needing to be done should be professionally documented prior to your builder being relieved of their responsibility to your warranty.

Abode Analysis Home Inspections specializes in working with home buyers who’s builders have offered a warranty that is coming to a close. After we’ve finished inspecting your home; our report will be your written documentation  on which to base your communications with your builder. With this information your will have the knowledge and documentations needed to discuss any issues of quality of the materials or workmanship with your builder. We aim to educate you on issues that may be arising with your home. Education is your key to getting a builder to correct items that need repair.

We will thoroughly inspect your new home and develop a list of issues that may be covered up by a builder.  Our detailed and thorough inspections can reveal items that are safety hazards, are not performing their intended function or we’re improperly installed from the begining.

Protect your investment and call us to schedule your warranty inspection. 425.298.7382 or schedule online here.

Remember, warranty inspections are time sensitive. Once the time limit has passed, it’s possible your one the hook for any needed repairs. Give us the opportunity to help you protect your investment.