Dielectric Unions/Dissimilar Metal Contact

Seattle Home Inspection Andrew Grimm 4252987382 Abode Analysis Seattle Home InspectorsAt Abode Analysis, we don’t overlook the small details. Many may overlook something as innocent looking as this; have you sighted what’s wrong here?
Think “battery”. Dissimilar metals are a looming, underestimated problem commonly found in a home and is surprisingly easy to resolve.

Metal and galvanized steel should not be used in the same application. To connect the two, you can use a dielectric union, which connects the two via a rubber gasket to ensure the two metal’s don’t interact with one another.

If left unnoticed for a long period of time, the two metals will create electric current and compromise each other to the point of corrosion and possibly catastrophic failure. Our clients appreciate our attention to detail, especially the minute details which help ensure the security of their purchase far beyond their move in date. This can be easily remedied by a home owner as a DIY project, using correct supportive materials. Give us a call or schedule your home inspection online today. 425-298-7382

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