Good or Bad? Rainy Day Inspections.

Off to a rainy day inspection here in WA. You may think “are inspections on a rainy day effective or limiting”? In fact, it’s the best time for an inspection. Barring heavy, driving rain and gale force winds; a rainy day helps to find leaks that may be otherwise virtually undetectable. A good inspector welcomes the elements as they bring light to issues. In a perfect world, I would love to recreate all 4 seasons during every inspection. While inspecting homes on a beautiful day is still a highly effective way to discover many issues associated with construction/renovation; a rainy day can offer the added benefit of viewing the home while it works to defend you from the elements.

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The World Likes Pretty

Corson_BuildingIn the past few months, as I’ve worked to launch Abode Analysis as an up-and-coming home inspection firm; I’ve noticed an interesting trend in the traffic patterns of my site.

When writing blog-posts; I tend to gravitate towards photos and descriptions of things like: incorrect/faulty wiring in electrical boxes, power-washer damage to roofs, or sump-pumps hooked up to groundwater drains. In these posts I typically see web engagement in the 2-15% range (admittedly we’re not the most popular website).

On certain occasions, when I’m feeling creatively inspired; I try and take unique photographs that relay the beauty I see in the world around me daily — into a memory the size of my iPhone screen which I can then mass broadcast to all of you. Interestingly enough, pretty pictures” regularly get 2x or 3x the engagement and click through of my favorite: “you totally gotta see this picture it proves I do something super valuable and you should totally hire me” pictures. So how does one bridge that gap? How do I appeal to my followers who just want to see pretty AND those followers who prefer a fail blog?

So here’s whats up: If you like the non-professional, pretty pictures of the beautiful places I get to see so regularly, follow #abodeanalysis on instagram – because that’s where pretty pictures are supposed to be. In addition, I’m going to draft some sort of pretty pictures page for the site as well as a fail blog of some kind. This way, every one gets what they want. We’ll have the “ultimate fails” section for those of you who can’t divert your attention from a car crash and the “Things That Sparkle” section as an ode to both: the beautiful home I get to see and Burning Man, because, Burning Man rocks. Cheers!

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Beautiful Old Garage

Yes, this garage is basically a tear down but it’s hard not to appreciate it’s beauty. Though it has succumbed to nature it truly has a certain appeal. I love the way the light hits the moss on the roof. It’s hard not be be amazed that the wooden gutters are still intact – regardless of the fact there are ferns growing through them. Hope you enjoy the pictures of this garage as much as I enjoyed inspecting it.

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