Seattle real estate. Is it worth it?


It’s not headline news to anyone who’s purchased/prospected property in Seattle or the surrounding area recently that it’s a highly competitive climate. We routinely have clients who use our services a couple, a few or a handful of times over the course of weeks or months. Just when I being to scratch my beard and wonder “how do people deal with stresses of real estate in Seattle?” I’m immediately reminded why it’s so very worth it. Seattle is beautiful, it’s vibrant, full of good natured people, and is a growing metropolis. It’s a tough, competitive market out there …and it’s completely worth it. Cheers to all your good-fortunes as your navigate the real estate market. Let us know if we can provide an inspection. In the meantime, enjoy the photography from Lincoln Park, West Seattle.


Thank You

Here at Abode Analysis; we love it when our customers take time out of their busy lives to write us in appreciation for the services we preformed. It was a pleasure working with this beautiful family moving to our area. Welcome to Seattle, we’re glad you’re here. Thank you for the note. ~Andrew Grimm

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