It’s raining again 😍 and we love it!

It’s Seattle… and we welcome back the rain!

Off to a rainy day inspection here in WA. You may think β€œare inspections on a rainy day effective or limiting”? In fact, it’s one of the best times for an inspection. Barring heavy, driving rain and gale force winds which may keep up from walking the roof or taking drone footage. A rainy day helps to find leaks that may be otherwise virtually undetectable. It allows us to watch the drainage system work. It’s actually quite beneficial. A good inspector welcomes the elements as they bring light to issues. In a perfect world, I would love to recreate all 4 seasons during every inspection. While inspecting homes on a beautiful day is still a highly effective way to discover many issues associated with construction/renovation/age/wear; a rainy day can offer the added benefit of viewing the home while it works to defend you from the elements.

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