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Fix it! Quick! Before it’s too late!

Here’s to hoping your rubber wash machine hoses don’t burst in the time between reading this article and getting them replaced. On inspections we frequently make this call out …and for good reason. If you’re like most people: you know someones who’s wasHall of Shame Abode Analysis Seattle Home Inspectionh machine hoses have burst and flooded a portion of their home. When taking the cost of a home into account, why do we skimp here so frequently?

I recently inspected a home for a client who had an inspector tell her to upgrade to metal braided hoses. Unfortunately she didn’t take his advice. Flash-forward 5 years – I gave her the same advice. She shared her story of learning “the hard way” the devastating effect of a hose burst while she was at work. She insisted she would not be making that mistake again. 

For a difference of approximately $10 you can nearly eliminate the chance of your hoses bursting. Rubber hoses are rated to about 700psi or so, where as metal braided hoses are commonly rated to 1500psi or greater. In addition, many metal braided hoses come with a 90° angle on one end to relieve the highest pressure area and allow you to push your wash machine closer to the wall. Many metal braided hoses come with a lifetime warranty vs rubber hoses which commonly offer a 1 year warranty. When you’re looking to purchase your next home ask yourself “is it worth the extra few bucks?” – yes, my friend, yes it is.

FAQ of a Seattle Home Inspector

Many people are as familiar (or less) with the home-inspection process as they are with the home-buying process. We know theres a lot to know and we’re here to help. Here are some of the questions and comments we field on a daily basis.

“So how long after we give the seller the report can we expect them to have everything fixed?”

A: You and your agent are more than welcome to make the decision to ask for everything on the list. However, you should know: They’re not obligated in any way to fix anything on the report. I have never heard of any conditions that are required to be corrected prior to the sale of a home.

“Buyers should only attend the end of the inspection”

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Seattle real estate. Is it worth it?


It’s not headline news to anyone who’s purchased/prospected property in Seattle or the surrounding area recently that it’s a highly competitive climate. We routinely have clients who use our services a couple, a few or a handful of times over the course of weeks or months. Just when I being to scratch my beard and wonder “how do people deal with stresses of real estate in Seattle?” I’m immediately reminded why it’s so very worth it. Seattle is beautiful, it’s vibrant, full of good natured people, and is a growing metropolis. It’s a tough, competitive market out there …and it’s completely worth it. Cheers to all your good-fortunes as your navigate the real estate market. Let us know if we can provide an inspection. In the meantime, enjoy the photography from Lincoln Park, West Seattle.


Thank You

Here at Abode Analysis; we love it when our customers take time out of their busy lives to write us in appreciation for the services we preformed. It was a pleasure working with this beautiful family moving to our area. Welcome to Seattle, we’re glad you’re here. Thank you for the note. ~Andrew Grimm

Thank_You_Endorsement_Open Thank_You_Endorsement

Good or Bad? Rainy Day Inspections.

Off to a rainy day inspection here in WA. You may think “are inspections on a rainy day effective or limiting”? In fact, it’s the best time for an inspection. Barring heavy, driving rain and gale force winds; a rainy day helps to find leaks that may be otherwise virtually undetectable. A good inspector welcomes the elements as they bring light to issues. In a perfect world, I would love to recreate all 4 seasons during every inspection. While inspecting homes on a beautiful day is still a highly effective way to discover many issues associated with construction/renovation; a rainy day can offer the added benefit of viewing the home while it works to defend you from the elements.

Vashon home inspection

The World Likes Pretty

Corson_BuildingIn the past few months, as I’ve worked to launch Abode Analysis as an up-and-coming home inspection firm; I’ve noticed an interesting trend in the traffic patterns of my site.

When writing blog-posts; I tend to gravitate towards photos and descriptions of things like: incorrect/faulty wiring in electrical boxes, power-washer damage to roofs, or sump-pumps hooked up to groundwater drains. In these posts I typically see web engagement in the 2-15% range (admittedly we’re not the most popular website).

On certain occasions, when I’m feeling creatively inspired; I try and take unique photographs that relay the beauty I see in the world around me daily — into a memory the size of my iPhone screen which I can then mass broadcast to all of you. Interestingly enough, pretty pictures” regularly get 2x or 3x the engagement and click through of my favorite: “you totally gotta see this picture it proves I do something super valuable and you should totally hire me” pictures. So how does one bridge that gap? How do I appeal to my followers who just want to see pretty AND those followers who prefer a fail blog?

So here’s whats up: If you like the non-professional, pretty pictures of the beautiful places I get to see so regularly, follow #abodeanalysis on instagram – because that’s where pretty pictures are supposed to be. In addition, I’m going to draft some sort of pretty pictures page for the site as well as a fail blog of some kind. This way, every one gets what they want. We’ll have the “ultimate fails” section for those of you who can’t divert your attention from a car crash and the “Things That Sparkle” section as an ode to both: the beautiful home I get to see and Burning Man, because, Burning Man rocks. Cheers!

Wanna be privy to updates on the site? Subscribe to our blog to stay current! (a $100 Abode Analysis credit to anyone who can help me make a link to subscribe to my blog right here in a post body).

Beautiful Old Garage

Yes, this garage is basically a tear down but it’s hard not to appreciate it’s beauty. Though it has succumbed to nature it truly has a certain appeal. I love the way the light hits the moss on the roof. It’s hard not be be amazed that the wooden gutters are still intact – regardless of the fact there are ferns growing through them. Hope you enjoy the pictures of this garage as much as I enjoyed inspecting it.

Seattle garage inspection abode analysis home inspection


Buried Barn Inspectionold garage inspection seattle

Save Your Roof!

Living in the Pacific Northwest grants us access to amazing landscapes, lush green forests, beautiful mountains and gorgeous coastlines. For our roofs, though, it comes with a price. Moss. Proud ofseattle home inspection moss covered roof hall of shame that 30-40+ year asphalt roof you paid top dollar for? You should be, it’s a beautiful product and adds value to your home. But, do you know how to care for it when it comes to moss growth? Moss grows slowly and therefore we don’t really notice it as readily as say… a leaky faucet in the bathroom you use daily.

There are many ways to retard the growth of moss on your roof; zinc detergents, zinc strips, baking soda, bleach, power washing, etc. I’m not here to talk to you about the different ways to keep off moss. I’m here to talk to you about the two items listed above that do more harm than good.

Lets begin with Zinc. An element. Something that is already in it’s purest form and does not break down. The zinc is toxic to moss and thus, works brilliantly. However, an Oregon State University study found  zinc is also toxic to fish and other aquatic life downstream. Going as far as to say “Though this product is supposedly safe for surrounding plants, it is toxic to fishes and aquatic invertebrates.  Do not apply this product to water or let the product come into contact with water sources.” which is kind of hard to do when you put it all over your roof and allow rain to wash it down the drain.home inspection seattle why not to power wash your roof

One of the most common forms of moss retardant is power washing. While the immediateness of the results and the profound visual difference power washing can have could cause a person to think it’s a good idea… it’s not. Time and time again I find myself on the roof of a house that has been put-up for sale, snapping picture after picture of pressure-washer damage. Your roof, while able to resist the constant impact of the elements, can not resist a hard, directed, pressurized jet of water pointed directly at it. Bundle this with the fact that moss has been compromising the roofs integrity for years as it was allowed to develop and you’ve got a recipe for disaster.

In conclusion, when considering moss remediation and removal, it’s important to take into consideration the which types align with your desired result. There are zinc strip products that claim they are non-toxic to aquatic life. There are roof-power-washing companies that say they won’t damage your roof. My advice to you? I personally chose to treat with non-toxic products that have literally zero negative side effects, like baking soda. Oh and I never, never recommend power washing, ever, seriously, ever, they’ll wreck your shi-ingles.


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