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Abode Analysis | Tips and Updates

Are you the next victim of a burst?

Here’s to hoping your rubber wash machine hoses don’t burst in the time between reading this article and getting them replaced. On inspections we frequently make this call out …and for good reason. If you’re like most people: you know someones who’s wasHall of Shame Abode Analysis Seattle Home Inspectionh machine hoses have burst and flooded a portion of their home. When taking the cost of a home into account, why do we skimp here so frequently?

I recently inspected a home for a client who had an inspector tell her to upgrade to metal braided hoses. Unfortunately she didn’t take his advice. Flash-forward 5 years – I gave her the same advice. She shared her story of learning “the hard way” the devastating effect of a hose burst while she was at work. She insisted she would not be making that mistake again. 

For a difference of approximately $10 you can nearly eliminate the chance of your hoses bursting. Rubber hoses are rated to about 700psi or so, where as metal braided hoses are commonly rated to 1500psi or greater. In addition, many metal braided hoses come with a 90° angle on one end to relieve the highest pressure area and allow you to push your wash machine closer to the wall. Many metal braided hoses come with a lifetime warranty vs rubber hoses which commonly offer a 1 year warranty. When you’re looking to purchase your next home ask yourself “is it worth the extra few bucks?” – yes, my friend, yes it is.

Dielectric Unions/Dissimilar Metal Contact

Seattle Home Inspection Andrew Grimm 4252987382 Abode Analysis Seattle Home InspectorsAt Abode Analysis, we don’t overlook the small details. Many may overlook something as innocent looking as this; have you sighted what’s wrong here?
Think “battery”. Dissimilar metals are a looming, underestimated problem commonly found in a home and is surprisingly easy to resolve.

Metal and galvanized steel should not be used in the same application. To connect the two, you can use a dielectric union, which connects the two via a rubber gasket to ensure the two metal’s don’t interact with one another.

If left unnoticed for a long period of time, the two metals will create electric current and compromise each other to the point of corrosion and possibly catastrophic failure. Our clients appreciate our attention to detail, especially the minute details which help ensure the security of their purchase far beyond their move in date. This can be easily remedied by a home owner as a DIY project, using correct supportive materials. Give us a call or schedule your home inspection online today. 425-298-7382

96 Years of Paint

Yesterday I had the privilege of inspecting a house nearing it's 100th year. Picture is of an original door hinge from…

Posted by Abode Analysis on Thursday, March 3, 2016

Stanford University

Stanford University Andrew Grimm Abode Analysis Home Inspection 4252987382I had the pleasure of inspecting the home of a former Stanford University student today. Reminds me of living in Palo Alto, right up the street from this beautiful, prestigious school. Speaking of education; here at abode analysis, we’re gearing up to attend the American Society of Home Inspectors, Western Washington annual conference. It’s a great opportunity to network and collaborate with this relatively small niche industry. I’m excited to meet new people and hopefully take away some great pro-tips from other inspectors.

Looking for a home inspector? Give us a call at 425-398-7382 or use the link above to schedule your inspections online today. We look forwards to meeting you and inspecting your abode!

Slab Settlement

I had the privilege of inspecting a beautiful home & detached garage today in the Shoreline area of Seattle. The detached garage had serious settlement cracks visible from the exterior. The entire structure seemed to be racking to one side and the garage doors didn’t fit square into the frame. It was apparent we had a serious settlement issue but it wasn’t until we made our way inside that we were allowed feast our eyes on the extent of the damage. Behold, slab on grade settlement of nearly 4″ with full detachment of the sill plate from the foundation.

Seattle Home Inspection Andrew Grimm 4252987382 Abode Inspections

Too-see-it is to bee-lieve-it


Bee-haters be-ware! GSeattle Home Inspection Abode Analysis Home Andrew Grimmlad the inspection this morning was in the middle of winter or I may have run into some trouble when I entered this attic. Winter or not, I don’t dare truss-crawl much closer, not even in hopes of a better picture. Thought thoroughly shocked, I was not completely surprised the home had a wasp problem. I noticed many dead wasps in the flue of the fireplace as well as on many window sills. Definitely the largest mud-wasp nest I’ve ever come across.  There are clues to problems in a home everywhere, thats why you should chose Abode Analysis Home Inspections. Stay safe out there inspectors.

Seattle Home Inspectors – ASHIWW Spring Seminar

Good Seattle home inspectors continue their education wherever they can. We learn new things daily on-site and yearly at conventions. It helps us grow as an industry when we come together to collaborate, network and share information. I’m happy to report I am registered for ASHIWW’s Spring Seminar! If you’re a home inspector and are looking for additional training and continued education in our field, I encourage you to attend. Click the picture below to register. See you there!ASHIWW Andrew Grimm Home Inspection Seattle Tacoma Everett abode analysis home inspection

Plumbing, The Basics

Ever wonder where the water in your home comes from? How about where everything goes when it’s flushed or drained? This is a great, simple video to get you started in understanding the basics.

Check out below the video for a great picture that depicts the basic plumbing of a bathroom.

Plumbing Basics - Bathroom

Zinsco Panel & Double Tapped Wires. No & No

#ThisIsWhyYouHireAHomeInspector #abodeanalysisZinsco panel split-bus wiring using a double tapped breaker. Definitely a concern for a potential buyer.

Posted by Abode Analysis on Saturday, February 13, 2016

Abode Analysis | Home Inspection