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Abode Analysis | Tips and Updates

That’s not how you fix a leak!

A great example of how not-to fix your leak. Buckets = cheap. Plumber = solution. Recommending a plumber for this one.

Posted by Abode Analysis on Friday, February 12, 2016

5 Things to ask your home inspector

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Most home buyers feel like they are bona fide real estate experts after all the studying up on loans and neighborhoods, online house hunting and open house visiting it takes just to get into contract on a home these days. But for all but the most handy of house hunters, getting into contract and starting the home inspection process only surfaces how little you actually know about the nuts and bolts and brick and mortar of the massive investment you’re about to make: a home!

So, you hire a home inspector, but it seems like they’re speaking an entirely different language – riddled with terms like “serviceable condition” and “conducive to deterioration” – about your dream home! Here are 5 questions you can use to decode your home inspector’s findings into knowledge you can use to make smart decisions as a homebuyer – and homeowner.

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Wood Rot – Does your home have it?

Here in the Pacific Northwest, we see a lot of wood rot. Rafter tails is one of the most commonly effected areas. Observing wood rot in advanced stages like this makes me suspicious of what else I may find.

Posted by Abode Analysis on Thursday, February 11, 2016

Home Inspections in the Rain

Off to a rainy day inspection on Vashon Island in WA. You may think "are inspections on a rainy day effective or…

Posted by Abode Analysis on Wednesday, February 10, 2016

DIY Toilet Fixing

I’ve met a lot of people who are taking it upon themselves to do some home improvement projects. Hope this helps you, my DIY friends!

Don’t Dump Your Sump Into Your Sewage

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Home inspections PSA: On an inspection today we noticed a sump pump dumping ground water into a sewage system. Remember folks, if we all did this we would over-run the sewage treatment centers. Your Sump’s should be drained into your storm drainage system or day-lighted away from your home and down a grade. -Your friendly, local home inspection team.

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