Hey there and welcome to my private business progression blog. If you’re reading this page, it’s because you’ve been given a link to it. If you’ve stumbled here randomly by some fluke of the google-verse, congratulations; enjoy the ever changing progression and story of the start-up of Abode Analysis LLC.

Lets start¬†at the beginning. January – classes and studying – a good amount a cramming for a person with limited building knowledge. Yeah I’ve helped my dad build two homes but that was 15-20 years ago. The Getting certifiedfirst house we built together I had prestigious job titles like “fallen nail collector” where I would pick up fallen nails and put them in a bucket. The second home we built, I at least have memories of what the place looked like during various stages of the building process. After 140 class room hours and 40 inspection hours (inspections last from 2-4 hours) I was through the state requirements.

Following the state requirements completion I, get this, had to apply, for the right to apply, to the state exam. After gaining permission to apply, I was able to set a date to take the exam.

Prior to the exam, I read the textbook a second time and quizzed myself with flash cards plastered with building techniques, applications, processes, design, materials, and general industry jargon. Finally the date came. I took and passed my exam. Now, I just had to submit the “passing paperwork” with the license application and await the return of my license number. Pro-tip: For the state to issue your license, it must be mailed, not emailed, to the Home Inspection Licensing Desk, in Seattle. Then they must mail it to the licensing ¬†division at the state, in Olympia. Olympia processes it and send it back to Seattle. Seattle records it and send it to you. Wow. So to save some time and energy, wait about a week and call the Licensing Board in Olympia directly. They will issue you your license number over the phone. This is crucial because there is a state requirement to have your license number on all marketing items including business cards. Fortunately, I was able to get my license number, alone, prior to receiving the physical license which was approximately 3 weeks.